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How long will your remodel take?

One of the first questions every customer asks me when we begin to discuss their project is how long will this remodel take?

It’s an important question and often times the answer can be as unexpected as getting your first price estimates. The main reason being the oversight of the most critical and important phase — pre-construction planning.

The pre-construction planning phase is where many projects will determine their success way before the first hammer is swung. If it is skipped or short-cut in any way it can cause major issues in the areas of budget, schedule, and overall customer service experience.

We have compiled some research and found helpful average time frames when working with our clients’ favorite projects, from kitchens to bathrooms and more. Take a look at this infographic to see how long you should set aside for your next remodeling project.

The construction phase of an interior remodel takes anywhere from 2.5 to 5 months to complete on average, from breaking ground to final touches. Kitchen remodels and master bathroom remodels take the longest time to complete (5 and 3.9 months on average, respectively), with many taking 6+ months (26% and 18%, respectively). Yet, the construction phase is only roughly a third of the entire renovation cycle (planning + construction).

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