Contemporary Basement Remodel           in Bethesda, MD.

After living in their home for about three and half years, Jeremy and Katie began to realize that their basement was sitting mostly untouched. They let their children use it as a playroom, but most members of the family were reluctant to go to the basement. 

Basement remodel Bethesda MD.

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Basement Remodel Wishlist 


  • Commercial beer refrigerator … barback style
  • Create multiple ‘gathering’ areas that allowed for separate activities, but still worked cohesively
  • Full service bar with storage, commercial grade appliances, and seating
  • Conceal the unsightly structural columns in the basement without simply putting up column wraps
  • Having multiple TVs so that every gathering area had its own TV
  • Create additional storage that appeared like part of the bar or wine display, but could be used for bulk items, board games, etc
  • Create an oasis that would attract the family to spend more time in this large unused space in their home

Bethesda Basement Remodel Scope of Work 

A complete refinishing of the basement was in order. Hammer saved the existing framing, but pulled out all of the finishes to reconfigure the bathroom and create a full bar with raised height seating. 

One of the beautiful elements of this basement remodel is the three wall TV entertainment column wrapped in custom millwork wainscoting and textured wallpaper to allow for comfortable TV viewing from anywhere in the basement and a nook. 

The scope of work also included a built in wine library that was created using custom cabinetry.  

Brands used for this renovation:

  • MSI Blanca Arabescato Quartz counters
  • EdgeStar 15 Inch Wide 25 Lbs. Capacity Built-In Ice Maker 
  • Summit 24 Inch Wide 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Freezer with Digital Thermometer
  • US Refrigeration Equipment BACK BAR CABINET, REFRIGERATED
  • Vintage View 4' Wall Mount 24 Bottle Wine Rack
  • Basement flooring: 
    • Manufacturer Architectural Ceramics
    • Finish Sequoia Brown
    • Size 8x4

Remodeling and Architectural Challenges to Overcome

With every renovation and remodel there are bound to be challenges, and this project was no exception. The basement had prior significant water issues, and in order to continue with the project, everything had to be gutted. 

The homeowners had moisture penetration at the below grade basement walls. They had a waterproofing company come in to install a perimeter drain system with sump pumps. Hammer then removed the drywall to inspect the rest of the walls to ensure no more moisture issues were found before installing any finishes.

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