Remodeling with Hammer

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Hammer Contractors is a professional design build firm built on integrity and committed to excellence. We believe that your family and your home deserve more than just a beautiful “end product,” we believe that how you get there is equally as important. The best remodeling experience is built by a company that believes innovation and the best products deliver high levels of communication, accountability, and overall project success.

Maintaining consistent, clear, and timely communication to ensure that we are always on the same page — that’s a minimum here. Performing the proper planning steps and taking due diligence to ensure we uncover any hidden or unexpected costs during the design phase — it’s what we do day in and day out, no exceptions.

We set the bar high for the industry because we believe that for many of our clients remodeling is a daunting task that they have been waiting for many years to plan and enjoy. Therefore every detailed step has been constructed knowing that you deserve to love your remodel. Call a Hammer Contractors design build team member today to learn how a remodeling project experience for you and your family should be. We look forward to helping you make your home beautiful!
[/av_textblock] [av_heading tag=’h6′ padding=’10’ heading=’Step by Step Process’ color=’meta-heading’ style=” custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=” custom_class=”] [av_tab_container position=’sidebar_tab sidebar_tab_left’ boxed=’noborder_tabs’ initial=’1′] [av_tab title=’Initial Consultation’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’54’] When selecting a professional it is important to never forgo the proper interview steps. Your free consultation will help us get to know your family, your home, and your project better. Our goal in this meeting, as professional and home owner, is to decide on the best path to get you to your beautifully remodeled space. We will have an open conversation during this meeting to determine your project’s vision, needs, and budget.

With Hammer, we know you will not be disappointed.
[/av_tab] [av_tab title=’Feasibility & Planning’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’36’] Easily one of the most crucial processes that often gets overlooked in remodeling today and when skipped, is often the cause of many change orders.

Your home can be your largest investment and equally deserves the proper amount of care, attention to detail, and planning. No correctly prescribed solution is ever given without the proper inspection, research, and diagnosis — and at Hammer, you will find no different. Your assigned project designer will walk you through the inspection and analysis of your home and project vision to find the best course for your project.
[/av_tab] [av_tab title=’Conceptual & Interior Design’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’49’] After the team has better understood your home and needs, we will begin to develop floor plans, elevations, and 3D models of your project. We believe that you deserve to know fully what you are purchasing before construction starts, so Hammer Contractors clients enjoy the presentation of design through the latest technologies, including 3D architectural design and full color renderings of your interior design finishes and selections.
[/av_tab] [av_tab title=’Construction Documents’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’94’] The time has arrived for the real fun to begin! Once you are comfortable with your design plans and selections, the team will move forward in the completion of your contract documents. No surprises here, Hammer Contractors construction package always tells the full story. Before construction begins, you will be presented with a detailed scope of work, product and finish specification list, architectural plans, and final costs — all for your review and approval.

At Hammer we believe that the client should never have to guess at what will be built and our construction document package helps eliminate any guess-work.
[/av_tab] [av_tab title=’Remodeling’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’43’] Attention to detail, communication, and planning all come together as we break ground and walk you through your remodeling construction or build out phase. In this process, you will be introduced to your Project Manager and Project Lead who will bring the design to life in your home.

We provided the highest levels of communication and accountability by providing every design build remodeling project with a personal Home Owner Project Website. This amazingly simple tool, is accessible from any mobile device or computer and gives you full view into your project’s daily schedule, access to your project team, and much, much more. Forget having to cart around folders and boxes of all of your remodeling project’s paperwork, we store everything for you safely in the cloud — easily accessed from any internet based device.
[/av_tab] [av_tab title=’Enjoy!’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’44’] We started with the goal of not only achieving a beautiful newly remodeled space, but helping actually enjoy the process — now we’re here! As we near the completion of your project, your entire design build team will be on hand to ensure that all of your expectations have been satisfied and your project is ready for your family to enjoy.

You hired a professional and will also enjoy the benefits of that decision for years to come. In addition to the expert craftsmanship seen in your project, ask about the great accountability and warranty that Hammer Contractors offers on all of its projects.
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