Universal Design

[av_heading heading=’UNIVERSAL DESIGN: REMODELING FOR THE FAMILY’ tag=’h2′ color=” style=’blockquote modern-quote’ padding=’20’] [av_one_full first] [av_textblock ] Universal design, better living design, age in place design by Hammer Contractors Design Build

At Hammer Contractors, we understand that every family has different needs. Our team has been trained and has years of experience in universal design, better living design, and age in place design. We personally know the impact smart and functional improvements to your home can have on your family and loved ones. We’ll help your family make your home more accessible, safe, and beautiful for every and any member of your family — the foundation of great universal design.

Perhaps you have a need for your current home and new addition to be wheelchair accessible. Should your kitchen counters and cabinets accommodate multiple heights? Should your playroom consider the various ages of your children and as they grow? These are scenarios and questions we will help review and answer in the universal design process. We want everyone in your home to enjoy the final product, so our team will work with you to discover your family members’ needs and develop great solutions. We have a broad range of experience in making homes accessible and enjoyable for everyone and take joy in knowing your family will get better use of your home. Sometimes our clients don’t know what’s possible until we discuss the options and we have helped many clients stay in the home they love. Options include the design and building of in-law suites, first floor master bedrooms and bathrooms, barrier free showers, curb-less showers, ADA accessibility requirements, stair lifts and elevators, chair lifts, ramps, and safety bars and other features.

Universal design, better living design, and age in place design often means looking into the long-term future. We help you manage the short-term with some great payment options, including a 60-month zero interest loan and 365-day Same-As-Cash. Contact us today to start the conversation about how to better marry your family and your home.
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