What is Design Build?

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“What is Design build” is common question and often misrepresented and misunderstood in the remodeling industry today. The home is often one of the largest assets our clients own, and they come to Hammer Contractors knowing that we understand that their largest asset also deserves the some of the greatest planning and attention to detail. In true design build remodeling, a professional team of designers and builders work together to carefully plan your project before any shovel hits the ground. The benefits in this process are great and will lead to the best overall level of satisfaction with your remodeling experience.

As a true, turn-key design build company, the Hammer Contractors team works with you from concept to completion. You’ll work with the same project manager and team while we brainstorm, design and build your dream. ¬†Where many so-called “design build” firms¬†cut corners by having their contractors design your project or simply farming out your design to an outside architect, we take the high road. We have a professional design team that works for you and with you to bring their expertise to your vision. Call us today to find out how design build remodeling is the best way for you to remodel and improve your home!

Hammer Contractors clients enjoy a simple and powerful answer to the question, “What is design build?” The design build benefits include a more streamlined design to construction to completion process, expert architectural and interior design consultation under the same firm, increased communication, the highest levels of project accountability, and best of all, staying on budget – staying on schedule – and greatly reducing, if not eliminating, change orders.
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