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Whole home renovations are a popular choice for homeowners in Washington DC who want to give a large portion of their home an updated look.

It’s the perfect option for someone who loves where they live in the District and prefers to stay in their home, or for someone who has a growing family and their existing floor-plan just doesn’t work for them anymore.

Our team of design build professionals will work with you to make your DC dream home come to life. Your happiness, guaranteed!

What is a whole home renovation?

A whole home renovation can be an extremely large project to undertake with many decisions and aspects to consider. It may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but the end result will be rewarding. When addressing the size of a whole home renovation, any project that covers at least ~50% of the homes living area falls under this category.  Do you love where you live, but you find that your home needs an update? Do you have a growing family?  Do you entertain guests often?  If you’ve answered yes then a whole home renovation could be right for you.

What does a whole home renovation cost in Washington DC?

A remodeling budget really falls into three main buckets. The first being the size of the project. A 100 sq ft space versus a 1,000 sq ft space is going to vary in price. Second is the infrastructure. What needs to happen to create your dream renovation? Do we need to knock down a wall, replace flooring, etc. And lastly, fixtures and finishes. Depending on your style and preferences this could dramatically impact the cost. There are $4,000 appliances and $40,000 appliances, for example.

On average, you can expect a whole home renovation cost in Washington DC to be around $200,000-$500,000. Based on the size and scale of your whole home renovation there are efficiencies that allow you to reduce the cost of these individual rooms by doing a whole home renovation. 

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How long will my whole home renovation take?

A whole home renovation will take approximately 3-4 months for the design phase and permitting, and 4-7 months for the construction of a whole home renovation. There are a number of factors that could impact the timing of your whole home renovation. For example, any changes in scope or how quickly you make selections are two reasons why your project timeline could be impacted.


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